Waterproof Electronic ConnectorsWaterproof Electronic Connectors

Waterproof Electronic Connectors

Holin connectors
PL-Tronic has 20 years of experience in representing and designing Holin connectors. Holin is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing connectors IP65 - IP68 based on customer specifications.
I/O BracketsI/O Brackets


Producer of I/O brackets

PL-Tronic has more than 45 years of experience as a manufacturer of stainless steel I / O brackets for desktop and industrial computers. We also guide our customers with their design, so that a manufacturable and easily reproducible bracket design is created.


Project and product guidance

PL-Tronic Holding BV is an autonomous passionate technical company, specialized in products according to customer specifications.

Our employees have more than 40 years of design experience. We produce products from industrial design to reproducible end products for various clients. We can also take care of making test samples and prototypes.
We also regularly work closely with the customer so that we can complement each other technically to arrive at its best design and end product. If products are fully developed, then PL-TRONIC can also e.v.t. supervise production in NL / EU and / or ASIA.

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